Veterinary Microscopes – A place to discuss science and technology

Veterinary Microscopes – A place to discuss science and technology

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Technology is an ever-evolving field and every new day brings new discoveries to the light of the day. Science is same, and new discoveries are being made as we speak, new things are found, and some old things are finally explained. This age of computerization gave a boost to both technology and science, and we are happy to live during a time of exploration and expansion of our knowledge.

Breakthroughs have been made in all fields of industry including the 3D technology. Things that were impossible four years ago are now widely used. For example, the Google cars have mapped areas there weren’t covered by satellites. This type of technology has been in development for some time, but last 2 or 3 years brought it to the people.

Virtual reality is also a new technology that surprises all expectations. Movies, games, and even porn are being made using this type of science. Games, in which you can interact with the world, with your hands, through some well-designed gadgets, already exist.

This type of technology is being implemented in other, more important spheres as well. Right now you don’t have to visit a house you want to buy; you can go online and take a tour through it. is a site that has implemented this technology in their real estate business, and the reactions from people are exquisite.

Virtual reality technology might sound like something that won’t come to the people in near future, but the move that Valve made (they released a tool that makes it possible for people to create their VR worlds) tells us a contrary thing. VR tech is here, and it is here to stay.

Other scientific fields have had some fascinating breakthroughs that promise great results in near future. An application was made that will connect volunteers and clinical trials. As you know, the final step in the testing of medications are the tests on volunteers.Finding volunteers is a real problem, and it adds around 5 to 10 years to the research. This app should shorten that time and allow faster connection between these two parties, and this will make that research come to the results in shorter time.

Space tech also progressed a lot. New technologies are used to chart our galaxy with more accuracy, and new discoveries are also made in your backyard, our solar system. A good example is first apparent radio mapping of the Jupiter, or to be more exact the layer of Jupiter that is found under the storms that rage on the visible part of this planet.

Our society is evolving, we search for new things, and we implement them in our lifestyle. Whether this is a good thing or bad, is still unknown. Whether we choose to use new discoveries to improve our society or to wage wars against each other is up to our governments and us. Will these breakthroughs bring us together or divide us even more, is entirely up to us as we are the people who hold the choice in our hands.