Best Choices for Veterinary Microscopes

Best Choices for Veterinary Microscopes

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When it comes to acquiring professional equipment for your newly opened veterinary clinic, you should only consider buying the best possible technology products that modern medicine has to offer. It is important for the service that you will provide for your client’s pets, and therefore only the best devices and products should be taken into consideration. Every professional veterinary clinic should have a decent microscope for analyzing the blood and creating chemical compounds that act as supplements to the pet’s diet.

Top five veterinary microscopes.


  1. When it comes to microscopes with high-quality compound, AMScope B490B is one of the best medical office vet laboratory microscopes that can be found on the market today. This model is designed specifically for professional operations executed mainly in research institutions and clinical offices. This microscope is equipped with 360-degree rotation head that provides flexibility in your future studies. This type offers fine focusing coaxial coarse system and also 8 levels of magnification including 40x, 80x, 100x, 200x, 400x, 800x, 1000x and 2000x.
  1. AmScope T390B-3M is a powerful microscope featuring three lens optics, an amazing 3MP USB 2.0 camera that is ideal for recording as well as taking images of different types of behavior found in specimens. With the trinocular base head and multiple layer mechanical stage, it becomes easy for anyone to use it, and the precision itself is amazing. It is designed for performing studies that require ultimate accuracy and precision and with Abbe condenser this type classifies as one of the most technical advances pieces of professional equipment.
  1. AmScope B390A-PCT veterinary microscope is great for clinics and laboratories as well, as it represents the pinnacle of technology in medical equipment. Among other qualities, this amazing model provides brightfield and phase contrast features for more advanced studies. With its iris diaphragm, it enables the easiest use of a practical sliding head feature that is extremely useful when examining multiple samples simultaneously. Many professional pharmacy companies use this exact model as standard equipment that is available in all of their laboratories and research centers.
  2. VanGuard 1421BRI Clinical microscope with its binocular head enables brightfield feature as well as all other included in previous models of this type. Veterinary microscopes increased their magnification levels with increasing demands in medical and veterinary fields of science. Great for diagnostic and educational uses it provides impressive resolutions even on extreme levels of magnification. This model is preferred by universities, industrial laboratories and veterinary clinics where it can be found mostly.
  3. VanGuard 1210CM Brightfield Clinical Microscope with a monocular head is currently the best microscope for any veterinary use as declared by technology magazines around the world in 2015. It has, besides basic features found in previous and similar models, monocular viewing head that is user-friendly with amazing 30-degree rotation next to the basic 360-degree inclination functions. It provides illumination system like none before controlling the lights close to sample examining area.

dog.microscope-595x591So pick your number one piece of equipment and secure your vet clinic future by providing some of the best clinical microscopes that can be found today.